Rifle Courses

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  • Carbine 1

    This course prepares students for the realities of utilizing their rifle in the real-world, not YouTube fantasy land. Unlike other carbine courses that drill almost exclusively at 10-15 yards, this course primarily operates at 25-50 yards, with additional engagements out to 100 yards […]

  • Carbine 2 (Intermediate)

    In real world engagements, threats are seldom static objects. They often are moving and/or using cover/concealment to aid in their attack. Using a wide variety of barricades, walls, photographic threat and steel targets; students will learn how to use cover and concealment effectively, […]

  • Carbine 3 (Advanced)

    Expanding on the dynamic movement and use of cover/concealment from Carbine 2, this course incorporates those elements into operating your carbine in close quarters and around other personnel. Understanding that walls, doorways, hallways, etc. all present unique limitations, […]