Pistol Courses

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  • Daily Carry (Enhanced CCW)

    Whether you are looking for a CCW permit or not, our live-fire Daily Carry course prepares students for practical considerations of carrying a firearm- whether concealed or open. This course goes far beyond the AZ CCW permit requirements, but obtaining a CCW is NOT […]

  • Tactical Pistol 1

    Utilizing your pistol in the real-world is very different than static target shooting or what we see on TV.  This course exposes students to the real-world considerations of employing a pistol effectively with stress, time constraints, innocent parties in your line of fire, firing from […]

  • Tactical Pistol 2 (Intermediate)

    In real world engagements, threats are seldom static objects. They often are moving and/or using cover/concealment to aid in their attack. Using a wide variety of barricades, walls, photographic threat and steel targets; students will learn how to use cover and concealment effectively, […]

  • Tactical Pistol 3 (Advanced)

    Expanding on the dynamic movement and use of cover/concealment from Tactical Pistol 2, this course incorporates those elements into operating your pistol in close quarters and around other personnel. Understanding that walls, doorways, hallways, etc. all present unique limitations […]