Individual Instruction

private-individual-minOne-on-one instruction is always the best option, whether you are just starting out or looking to take your skill set to the next level. Courses present concepts and exercises at the median skill level of the group. Due to time constraints, courses also often present a singular way to accomplish an task. While that may work for some, courses seldom give students the individualized attention they need and deserve.  Every individual has unique ergonomics, background, goals, etc.  Another issue with coursework is students’ inefficiencies and/or bad practices are not identified (we call those training scars).  Those training scars hinder current performance as well as progression to higher levels.  A few hours with a certified instructor will yield far more progress than days or weeks of coursework.



Private individual instruction is available for most aspects of firearms, tactical medicine and self-defense- ranging from basic to advanced. Pricing & availability varies depending on the training topic(s), location, duration, etc. CONTACT US today so we can discuss your training objectives and match you with a certified instructor who can help you accomplish those goals in a fun, safe and rewarding manner.